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Introducing Insaaf

Financial Solutions That Save People From Riba

INSAAF exists to fulfil the increasing need for Muslim communities searching for financial solutions whether it is home, car or business asset financing.

Our Products

Business Finance

Funding for your business is critical to your growth and generating new or stronger revenue streams. Together we can ensure you acquire the capital you need to reach a new level of success by developing a personalised business financing model and strategy, allowing you to infuse the finances with minimal financial and administrative strain [Read More]


Home Finance

Islamic Home Finance – Shariah Compliant

A Shariah-compliant mortgage which is based on Islamic principles. Secure Your Islamic Home Finance with Our Shariah Compliant products and ethics. Enjoy Halal Financing. Get the Best Islamic Home Finance and Make your Dreams Come True! [Read More]



Car Finance Made Easy

If you are looking to finance your vehicle, we can help you:

  • Affordable & straightforward car loans
  • Fixed repayments
  • Fast approval
  • Islamic Finance car Loans

Need a car? [Read More]

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